At Engineering Insights, we are ideally positioned to help our clients innovate faster and reduce time to market for their products and software solutions. Our mission is to jointly solve complex technology challenges faced by our clients from the start-up and POC phases on to scaling expert development teams as our client’s business scales.

Our approach is underpinned by our focus on engineering excellence which enables us to deliver complex solutions faster. Our engineering excellence is built upon hiring the best talent available in the market, building high performing teams that have the right skillsets and experience mix; and constantly investing in training and upskilling our teams.

Our Services offering

Product Development Teams
Our engineering teams work with our clients to deliver world class platforms from the initial product idea to Discovery, Definition, Design, Development and finally to platform Deployment. Our product development teams have a proven track record working directly with leading technology companies sharing responsibility for delivering specific features and products.
Staff augmentation Services

Leading technology companies work with us to flexibly augment their software engineering teams with top IT talent. Our development centres in Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia offer a unique combination of skills and expertise enabling them to scale their teams and get products to market faster.

Technology consulting services
We deliver technical consulting services that enable our clients to optimise how they design, develop, deploy and support their enterprise platforms.

We Deliver


Cutting-edge software designed to streamline your business process to add value and agility to your business.


Futuristic application development that improves user functionality to give our client’s customers optimal user experience.


Develop advanced products that leverage the business’s core functions to offer our clients a competitive advantage and outperform business goals.

Our Approach


Discover The Industry

Before we begin developing software for each client, our developers go through a vigorous exercise of understanding the industry and the scope of the project. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique industry and product specification. This requires a deep understanding of not just the client, but also their industry and competition.


Once our developers have a sound understanding of the industry context, we create a detailed brief that helps identify the project scope, timeline, milestones, and resources. These are then communicated to the client for a transparent work environment.


Once the brief is defined, it sets the framework for the design phase of the project. The design phase starts with a set of wireframes that gives us a clear idea of the final look and feel of the project. During this time, we work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure the final project meets the stringent quality standards expected from our team of professionals.


This is the part where the design goes through the process of development. We create several prototypes during this stage that go through a vigorous process of testing, retesting, and modifying. Our team of developers ensures that each function of the software is working properly and is optimized for the end-user.


Finally, our developers launch the software in the real world. This happens after each component of the project undergoes extensive quality protocols and user testing. Our experts are aware that every software requires ongoing maintenance and supervision. For this, we strive for a long-term relationship with each of our clients.